Besseling Mechanical’s team of licensed plumbers and registered apprentices have a wide range of piping experience and expertise. By combining the skills of our plumbers and pipefitters with our network of trusted and reliable subcontractors, Besseling Mechanical can provide solutions for all your mechanical system requirements.



We have experience installing a variety of plumbing systems in a wide range of materials including, cast iron, copper, PVC, CPVC, glass, and other acid resistant materials.

We have installed a range of fixtures, from basic washroom fixtures, to commercial kitchen equipment, to specialty healthcare fixtures such as bed ban washers, scrub sinks, and autopsy tables.

Hydronic Heating and Cooling

We install boiler plants, chilled water plants, cooling towers, and their associated pumps and distribution piping.

We have experience with a variety of terminal units in these systems such as re-heat coils, radiant panels, convectors, fan coil units, AHU coils, and radiant cooling equipment. We also have extensive experience with in-floor heating and snow melt systems.

Medical Gases

We have a number of plumbers certified to install medical gas tubing, and have experience installing zone valve boxes, alarm panels, outlets in headwall units, as well as vacuum pumps, medical air compressors, and regulators for connection to medical gas supply cylinders.

Steam Piping

Besseling Mechanical has experience installing steam boilers, high pressure steam piping, pressure reducing stations, low pressure steam piping, along with the related steam traps, condensate pumps and condensate piping.

We have installed steam domestic water heating systems, steam to water heat exchangers for hydronic heating systems, steam coils for AHU’s and steam distributors for humidification.

Process Piping

Besseling Mechanical has experience installing process piping for a wide array of fluids, in a variety of environments including: food processing plants, wineries, and auto parts manufacturing.

HVAC Systems

In addition to our piping services, through our network of subcontractors we can provide duct fabrication and installation, refrigeration piping, mechanical insulation, fire protection, and building controls.